Challenging the status quo for women in the workplace

Challenging the status quo for women in the workplace

Gender equality in the workplace is a hot topic among students about to embark on their further education and career paths. Unfortunately, a common belief is that certain careers are better suited to their male counterparts.

The KIC iWOMEN Project – a Senior Secondary program from Kwinana Industries Council (KIC) targets Year 10 female VET students from local partnership schools, including Living Waters Lutheran College. The program aims to prompt awareness that industry careers are certainly achievable to them.

Students who take part in the program are given the opportunity to visit a range of industries and meet women in non-traditional female roles as well as taking part in different workshops that highlight what is really on offer in terms of careers. These group workshops provide valuable resume writing, mock interview, presentation, and career development skills and tools to prepare students for their place in the future workforce.

Career Pathways is one workshop where representatives from industry are invited to meet the students and talk about their career pathway, their current job role and give students advice to assist them on their career journey. On successful completion of the program, and attendance to the KIC iCONFERENCE in December, students achieve a C-grade unit equivalent towards their WACE.

With the KIC iWomen Project being one of the numerous opportunities available for young women at Living Waters, the College also provides Primary Academic Extension units of study, also known as the 4Cs. These units are created with future employers in mind and are developed to enhance soft skills – those associated with social and communication skills as well as attitudes, social and emotional intelligence. The Primary Academic Extension also ensures that students’ individual strengths, passions and interests are explored.

The 4Cs for a successful career

Collaboration – is a skill of utilising various personalities, talents and knowledge in a way to create a maximum outcome.

Communication – is a skill of presenting information in a clear, concise and meaningful way for a particular purpose of informing, persuading, motivating etc. It also promotes careful listening and articulating thoughts.

Creativity – is where an individual must be able to create something new or create something in a new way, utilising the knowledge already acquired.

Critical Thinking – is one of those elusive skills where students analyse information to form their own independent decisions.

In an ever-changing world, women really are challenging the status quo for equality in the workplace. With initiatives such as the iWomen Project, students gain valuable insights into prospective job roles and can contribute valuable skills and diversity as they embark on their future careers in these industries.


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