Pastoral Care

In keeping with the college mission statement, pastoral care is strongly embedded in all that we offer at Living Waters Lutheran College. The college enjoys the services of both an external psychologist via AISWA and on-site social worker, Mrs Vernishia Wheatley.

The psychologist offers psychometric assessments for students who may be experiencing learning difficulties and collaborates with parents and key staff members to recommend other professional support in the community to enhance student learning outcomes. 

Mrs Wheatley is employed in the role of Student and Family Counsellor and is an integral member of the pastoral care team. Her focus is on maximising each student’s learning potential, social and emotional wellbeing and the development of interpersonal skills.

The College Counsellor provides a professional counselling service that is guided by the Ethics and Codes of her professional body, the AASW. This intervention may require working in partnership with teachers, parents as well as external service providers.

The two workers support each other in these roles and work closely with the Leadership team and staff in the Learning Enrichment Centre as well as the Chaplain and School Co-ordinators.

Referrals may be received from teachers as well as parents. Parents are encouraged to call or drop by in the mornings should they have any concerns regarding their children’s emotional wellbeing.

Students from Year 7-12 may self-refer. Mrs Wheatley is available at recess and lunch times for any ad- hoc enquiries from students or anyone wanting to have a brief chat. Parent consent is sought for any on-going intervention.

Enquiries: 95931211 or via email:

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Mrs Vernishia Wheatley
Student and Family Councilor





Mr Craig Cough
College Chaplain