Defence School Mentor

Living Waters Lutheran College has a Defence School Mentor (DSM), Kathy Crosby. Kathy’s role is to provide assistance to Defence students and their families within the school community and raises awareness of the unique needs of these families due to a military lifestyle. The role of the DSM is not one of a teacher or counsellor, but as a conduit between these professional services to facilitate information sharing and appropriate referral to support services as required.

The program aims to assist Defence students and their families throughout the students education and as they move from one school to another.  The key areas are:

  • Organising activities to welcome and farewell Australian Defence Force (ADF) families to assist them to settle into the new school community.
  • Organising recess activities for Defence School students.
  • Assisting the school in understanding the needs of ADF parents and their children.
  • Informing the school and support families if ADF members are deployed.
  • Assisting families in meeting any special needs of their child/children.
  • Acting as a point of contact for ADF families within the college.

Kathy Crosby’s hours are Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 9am – 2pm in the Library Mezzanine.

Kathy Crosby can be contacted on 9593 1211, through Student Services, or via email: