Learning Enrichment Centre

The quest for personal excellence is central to the ideas of success. Students are encouraged in supported to do the very best and to take an increasing responsibility for their own goals and achievements.

At Living Waters Lutheran College, we recognise that at times students will need assistance in order to achieve their personal milestones. Our Learning Enrichment Centre  (LEC) is a team of Education Assistants and a Co-ordinating Teacher who support students as they pursued personal excellence.

The LEC offers curriculum support and intervention programs for Literacy in the Primary school as well as Education Assistance support in the primary school classrooms.

In Secondary school, Education Assistants support Teachers and Students in class and in small groups out of the classrooms.  Education Assistants support Students so they can access the curriculum and participate in their learning journey.

All students from Pre-Primary to Year 2 participate in a Whole Class program called Initial Lit. Data is collected on a range of literacy skills and from this we are able to identify students needing additional support. Intervention groups are then formed and students participate in an intensive small group program targeting these skills.

Students in Years 3-6 are assessed using a MultiLit assessment (Making Up Lost Time in Literacy) and the data is used to identify students needing additional support.  Intervention groups are then formed and students participate in the small group explicit and systematic reading intervention program.