Head of School

The Primary School provides children from Kindergarten to Year 6 with engaging, collaborative learning experiences and is a busy, thriving learning centre within the College.

Our Early Learning Centre is a self-contained facility for Kindergarten and Pre-Primary students. Teachers in these early years consider the children’s physical, social, emotional and cognitive development through the Walker Learning pedagogy, which uses play-based, investigative and inquiry-based learning. This style of learning provides children with calm and routine as well as provocations for curiosity, creativity, knowledge and wonder. Space, time and resources are intentionally organised to maximise the opportunities for the children to move and discover, using all of their senses. All activities are facilitated and supported by our nurturing teachers and dedicated education assistants.

Our primary focus is to provide a caring, positive and safe environment as children begin their education. In Years 1 to 5, we focus on building the foundational skills that students will need to succeed. Our students also have access to specialist teachers for Music/Drama, Physical Education, Visual Arts and Japanese. Within the Christian ethos of the College, children receive a well-rounded education, with the devotion of daily community worship to nurture your child’s spiritual development. Our Year 6 students are in their transitional year to Secondary school, and as such, we provide them with extra opportunities to experience life in a K-12 College. They can participate in Cookery, Woodwork and Media Studies electives and will begin to learn to play a musical instrument.

Our Primary School teachers understand the importance of early focus on Literacy and Numeracy, together with a balanced approach to all curriculum areas to provide children with a solid grounding for lifelong learning. This phase of education for developing a child’s character and a love of learning is crucial. Our staff are experienced in assisting children to develop the social skills needed to grow personally, build a positive self-image and develop healthy interpersonal relationships.

The Primary School recognise the enormous part parents play in their children’s education and welcomes assistance in classrooms at all year levels. We look forward to partnering with you in the education of your child.

Mrs Johan Davies 
Head of Primary School