Music and Arts


Living Waters Lutheran College is dedicated to developing the skills and confidence of our students in the Arts, Music, Drama, Visual Arts and Media by offering a number of programs, productions and exhibitions to showcase the talents of our students.

Our Drama program provides wonderful outlets for creative expression and imagination. The College has enjoyed a rich history of musical theatre and performance, with students involved in productions both on stage and behind the scenes. Every year, the College hosts either a musical or theatre production which is performed in the Vlahov Centre.

Our Year 6 and 7 Instrumental program gives students the opportunity to learn a brass or woodwind instrument through tuition with experienced tutors.

Students showcase their talents regularly within the school environment, as well as performing at various community events through their involvement in different groups. Students can perform either as an instrumentalist in the Concert Band, or as a vocalist in one of the Choirs on offer.

Vocal and instrumental tuition is available to all students at the College. There are a number of visiting tutors and students can take weekly lessons in Voice, Piano, Drums, Violin, Guitar, Brass and Woodwind.

All students from Pre-primary to Year 12 have the opportunity to study Visual Arts where they create two and three-dimensional artworks under the guidance of our experienced teachers. Selected works are entered into various annual exhibitions and competitions, including the Kwinana Industry Council (KIC) Youth Art Awards, St Georges Art Awards, Castaways Sculpture Awards and Young Artist Perspective. Students also showcase their work in internal competitions which run throughout the year, as well as the end of year whole College Art Exhibition.

Students also attend excursions to art galleries and exhibitions where they participate in workshops and guided tours. Additionally, they take part in incursions at school and are involved in programs working with artists-in-residence within the classroom. Year 11 and 12 students of the Arts also have the opportunity to attend the biennial Arts Camp, where they participate in immersive subject workshops and community building activities as well as engaging in cultural sightseeing and visiting artist studios.

The School has a designated Junior Art room as well as two well quipped Secondary Art rooms housing a kiln, pottery wheels and printing presses. All year levels from the Junior years through to Year 12 complete projects that develop students’ skills in ceramics, printmaking, sculpture, painting and drawing.

In each of the Art disciplines, students develop skills in analysis, evaluation, reading, writing and speaking when reflecting on their own work and that of other students and professionals.

Students from Year 6 to 11 have the opportunity to study Media in which they explore how stories are communicated in the Modern Age. By developing both technical know-how and analytic tools, students create and deconstruct Film, Photography, Graphic Design, Animation amongst other areas, utilising contemporary technologies within the classroom.

Students are afforded the opportunity to engage in a range of external and internal competitions. Student works are regularly screened at the annual Performing Arts Showcase and Visual Arts Exhibition.