Scholarships are awarded on the basis of academic excellence as determined by individual student results in the scholarship examination.

The examination is provided as part of the Australian Council for Educational Research’s (ACER) Cooperative Scholarship Testing Program (CSTP) and is held at Living Waters Lutheran College

Scholarships will be awarded when results are made available to schools. The number of scholarships offered will be dependent upon the number of applicants and their ability to meet the selection criteria. Scholarships offered can cover full or partial remission of tuition fees.

Successful applicants’ eligibility is reviewed annually to ensure scholarship winners continue to meet required standards.

We commend the scholarship selection program to you and should you choose to apply, we wish your son or daughter all the best with their application. Further information about any aspect of the scholarship selection program can be obtained by emailing

Scholarships for the 2025 academic year have now closed.

Living Waters Lutheran College is offering Music Scholarships.

As part of the College’s strategic initiative to grow the Music Program in our school we are offering Music Scholarships to students with a love of music who will be in Years 7 – 10. Students in other year levels who meet the criteria are also invited to apply and will be considered on an individual basis. Students who are already recipients of the scholarship may reapply.

About the Music Scholarship

This scholarship may be offered to a student who is a capable musician. They should be enthusiastic to undertake or continue music lessons on their chosen instrument or voice (refer to application). The student must display:

• A history of commitment to their current chosen instrument/voice;
• A willingness to participate in the extra-curricular activities associated with the music program at the College; and
• A willingness to adhere and uphold the ethos of the College.

Students in Year 9 and above are expected to study Music as an elective at the College.

The scholarship is for one year’s full payment of musical tuition on a designated instrument or voice with a College endorsed tutor.

Reapplication each year is possible.

Students who are not currently enrolled at the College are welcome to apply under the provision that if they are successful and choose to accept the scholarship they enrol for the coming year. Normal enrolment procedures apply including taking into account the availability of places and payment of applicable fees and charges.

All scholarships will be at the Music Coordinator’s recommendation and determined by the Principal.

The selection process will consist of completion of the application package by the candidate followed by an audition on the designated instrument or voice and an interview with a panel to be held late in Term 3 (date to be advised).

The audition will consist of:
1. Performance of one piece of prepared repertoire (please provide 3 copies of the music being presented)
2. Aural testing
3. Interview with selected questions before a panel

Please note applications open in Term 3, 2024.

Further information can be obtained by contacting (08) 9593 9560 or