At Living Waters Lutheran College, we believe that sporting activities provide important opportunities for students to explore and extend their talents and self-knowledge, while also developing the lifelong skills of teamwork, leadership and being part of a community that is larger than the individuals. Taking part in sport promotes both high levels of participation and the pursuit of personal excellence by all students.

We have a House System comprised of four houses, each named after nearby rivers:

Canning House (Green)
Murray House (Blue)
Serpentine House (Red)
Swan House (Yellow)

Houses compete against each other in each of the sub-schools, for house shields in Athletics, 
Cross Country and Swimming. These point-driven competitions culminate in an overall House Shield that is presented to the winning house at the end of each year. The College values the inter-house competition as a way to:

  • Maximise students’ involvement and participation in sport
  • Develop physical skills
  • Promote physical and emotional wellbeing
  • Foster team spirit, integrity and fair-play
  • Assist in the selection of representative teams.

Living Waters Lutheran College provides a wide range of sporting opportunities through local and independent inter-school competitions. A range of lunchtime sports are also offered across the College.

The College also runs a Specialist Netball and Basketball program. Please see details below:

In 2022 The Basketball program is for students in Years 7 to 10. This program is specially designed to enable an elite group of athletes to study the game of basketball in their Physical Education lessons. 

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The Specialist Netball Program is coordinated by our Specialist Netball Coordinator and WANL Underpinning Program Coach, This is the elite program and will includes athletes with the best emerging talent in Years 10-12 in 2023.

The Year 7-12 Development Netball Program is coordinated by the PE Department. This program is designed to support players who either have a strong potential for selection into the Specialist Netball Program when they reach those year levels or exhibit the potential to progress their Netball skills further in a Development Program.

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