How to keep your child motivated after the school holidays

How to keep your child motivated after the school holidays

Whether its post-holiday blues, or confusion about the days strangely merging into one another during these Coronavirus times – it’s essential to get back into routine and stay motivated after the school holidays.

Whether your child is back on the College campus, or learning from home, it’s important to spark motivation as they enter the new school term.

Here’s some tips to keep your child motivated after the school holidays:

 1. Get sleep patterns back on track

It’s inevitable that sleeping patterns can be affected during the school holidays. Children may want to stay up a little later to watch a movie or hang out with a friend, and that can sometimes cause their wake-up time to be later than usual. In order to get back on track ready for school, they need to reset their internal clock.

Encourage your child to soak up some sun as soon as they wake up as this will help reset the circadian rhythm. Your circadian rhythm is a 24-hour internal clock that is running in the background of your brain and cycles between sleepiness and alertness at regular intervals, also known as your sleep/wake cycle. Limiting exposure to electronics and sticking to a regular dinner-time schedule are also imperative to getting sleep patterns back on track.

2. Prepare a realistic study and homework routine with your child

It’s great to sit down with your child at the beginning of the new school term to forecast their study and homework load. Have a positive and calm conversation with your child and ask them how they feel about their subjects for this term. Ask them questions such as “Do you have a clear understanding from your teachers about the work required for this term?” or “What do you think is a realistic and manageable homework routine each night?”. These conversations can also foster a deeper connection with your child; where they feel supported, loved and comforted.

3. Boost energy and focus

During the school holidays, you might have indulged in a few takeout meals or more chocolate than usual (it was Easter after all!). This is very normal, and life is all about balance. However, heading back into a new school term is the perfect time to adjust back to a more regular healthy eating and exercising routine. It’s important to maintain a diet full of healthy whole foods, with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. Make sure to incorporate nutritional snacks in-between meals to keep the blood-sugar stable and the brain alert. Increase physical exercise to help stimulate concentration and reduce the usage of electronics to promote mood and sleep. If you’re needing some food tips, check out the Department of Education’s recommended system for the green, amber and red foods.

4. Plan end-of-term goals

Ask your child if she or he has any specific goals they would like to achieve by the end of the term. Perhaps increasing their grades, improving their skills in art, or trying a new sport? Sit down together and create an overall long-term plan, outlining what steps needs to be taken, and how your child can achieve the desirable outcome.

We are exposed daily to a wide range of tips and suggestions from professionals across the world on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle, what to eat, how many hours sleep you should be getting, and so on … however it’s important not to become too side-tracked by different opinions. Try to follow a routine and lifestyle that best suits your child’s needs and continue to be the positive and inspiring role model that you are!

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