14 May COVID-19 Update

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

Dear Families

We are almost back to full capacity at the College with an attendance rate of almost 90 percent of our students this week. It is great to have them back at the college and observe their excitement and vibrancy as they connect with each other socially as well as engaging in their learning in the classrooms.  Once again thank you for your ongoing support through this unprecedented time.

We have today been notified by the WA Government, based on current health advice, that all WA students are expected to return to school from next week, Monday 18th May.



There has been enormous pressure on teachers to successfully deliver online learning and more recently two modes of teaching during the past weeks.   I know you will join with me to thank them sincerely for their ingenuity and flexibility in keeping programs going for students.  As restrictions ease and WA returns to a more normal way of life we want to re-engage with students in the classroom.  We encourage each and every child to return to their studies at school on Monday 18th May.  Face to face teaching, which will be the only mode from Monday, offers students a greater chance to focus on their studies, complete assessments, be involved in collaborative learning and receive the required support they need for success.  Social interaction with peers and teachers is also important and this happens best at school.

If your child is medically vulnerable or you have a family member with chronic health issues they may continue to learn at home by special arrangement if required. If this applies to your child or family, I ask you provide official medical advice to their relevant Head of School today or tomorrow.  They will discuss individual needs and arrangements with you for their learning for Week 4 and beyond.  These arrangements  will be negotiated and will not be via Teams or Seesaw.  I anticipate that this will apply to only a few families, if any.  Students not physically at school without agreed arrangements in place from next week will be marked as absent.

Restricted drop off and pick up arrangements and limits on non-essential visitors to the College will remain in place.  Unwell students and staff should not come to school.  Whole school assemblies, camps and interschool activities will still not be permitted at this time pending further advice.  ATAR written exams will go ahead as scheduled from 2ndNovember.

I believe it is essential to return to normal school operations and best practice for students (face to face).  We are working hard to provide a safe and supportive environment and look forward to productive learning in Term 2 and beyond.

I would like to reassure you as parents/ caregivers that your child’s place at Living Waters Lutheran College is guaranteed regardless of your financial situation.  I encourage you to contact either myself or our Business Manager to discuss any support needed regarding school fees, as soon as possible. You can call us by phone or use the confidential email COVID19@livingwaters.wa.edu.au

Any such arrangements are, of course, confidential and discussed on a case to case basis with families. We are here to support you!


Francois Pienaar College Principal 
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