24 March COVID-19 Update

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

In response to COVID-19, we have been preparing to continue teaching and learning through various online platforms.

Thank you for your support and understanding during this difficult time, as together we face the COVID-19 pandemic. The College and its leadership are working hard to remain fully informed and up to date as the situation evolves.  We have the well-being of our students at heart in all that we do and we will do our utmost to support their education and the health and well-being of members of our community.

From tomorrow through to Friday we will be adopting to a “transition to online learning” which will look different in the Primary and Secondary Schools.  Staff will make the final preparations to enable students learning at home.

We are recommending that parents keep their child at home, if at all possible, from tomorrow Wednesday 25th March.  We will be ready to teach online/ remotely by Monday 30th March.

During the “transition to online learning” period from Wednesday to Friday, students or parents are asked to collect and take home all  books and other learning materials, to ensure all the necessary resources are available at home to fully take part in online lessons. (more information about collecting books and learning materials will be sent home tomorrow).

We understand that there are some parents who are essential services personnel in the community or without family support and, therefore, need to send their child to school.  Until government direction advises otherwise, the College will remain open for any parents who cannot organise alternative care for their children. At school from Monday, any students attending will be under the supervision of teachers, while participating in the online/ remote learning program operating for the whole school.

The canteen will not be operating from 30th March until further notice. Parents who must send their child to school will need to ensure that they pack recess/lunch and drinks each day.

Our daily College buses will also not be running as of Monday 30th March due to the requirements around social distancing.  Parents are asked to put other arrangements in place if your child must attend and they currently travel on a College bus.

Until the end of the week, teachers will be working to ensure all online learning programs (K-12) are finalised.


Learning packages for the Primary students (Kindergarten to Year 6) are completed and ready for distribution. Students who are at school today will bring these home.  If you are a parent of a child already at home, we ask you to come to school to pick up your child’s pack over the next few days.  Parents will use Seesaw to monitor their child’s progress. Our Year 6 classes will also use Google Classrooms for their online learning.  Communication between parents and teachers (and students) will be via Seesaw.


In Secondary School (Years 7 to 12) students will use their own devices to continue their normal timetabled lessons through SEQTA and Microsoft Teams. They will be expected to complete all assigned work under the direction of teachers and the supervision of their parents. Teachers will follow-up with students not completing work or not signing in for online lessons as timetabled. Heads of Learning Areas will also support teachers with this. The main teacher/ student /parent communication will be via direqt messaging in SEQTA.

Wherever possible, work set will reflect the curriculum; however, learning activities may differ from those in a classroom setting to reflect the nature of the lesson delivery. Online teaching might have some “growing pains” and I want to urge parents to be patient as teachers start working in a very different setting for the first time.

This situation is new for our College and for your family. We will be engaged in a cycle of continuous improvement and refinement based on feedback.

At the link you will find further information pertaining online learning for:


We urge families to take their response to this community emergency seriously. I want to emphasise that children need to be kept at home, in the interest of their health and the health of the wider community. I know that there will be times that you will need to leave the safety of your home for essential reasons, but please keep to the social distance recommended by our Government. We encourage parents to keep students safe by not using public transport if at all possible.

It is also important that we take caution in using older grandparents or relatives for childcare during this time, due to the increased risk of COVID-19 for this group.

Until the Government officially mandates school closures, as stated our school will remain open for those families who need essential care due to work commitments. We will advise you as soon as this arrangement changes.

We are here to support all our families during this difficult time. While your children’s education will be delivered differently, we will continue to provide ongoing learning in their home environment.

The College will remain open for email and telephone communications.

COVID-19 has brought about unexpected changes and challenges for many families, workplaces and communities.  We want to support our community. If your family is experiencing financial strain due to the imposed shutdowns please contact the College by email on covid19@livingwaters.wa.edu.au so we can find a way to support you during this very difficult time.

With kind regards

Dr Elizabeth McKinnon and Mr Francois Pienaar

College Chairperson and College Principal 


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