Vocational Education and Training (VET) at school: employers say it’s critical

Vocational Education and Training (VET) at school: employers say it’s critical

Students have a variety of different gifts and talents that don’t always fit into a nice neat box when deciding on pathways for Years 11 and 12 and post-Secondary schooling.

The Association of Heads of Independent Schools of Australia complied and submitted a report to the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Education and Training, outlining the importance of Vocational Education and Training (VET) in Schools.

The report determined that employers want to see potential employees that can be successful in the 21st century by being equipped with the following ‘soft-skills’.

  • Communicate ideas and information orally as well as in writing
  • Technology literate – should It be Technologically Literate?
  • Ability to work in groups
  • Solve problems when the answers are not always self-evident
  • Understand how systems work
  • Collect, organise and analyse data
  • Aware of social and behavioural guidelines at the workplace
  • Importance of punctuality
  • Personal and social competence.

Preparing students for the 21st century workplace is a huge challenge as it isn’t as cut and dry as it has been in previous years. There are so many options and ways of getting to where you want to go. It is believed that all students would benefit from the skills learnt in VET and develop those soft skills that employers desire.

So, what is Living Waters’ approach to Vocational Education and Training?

As part of the studies undertaken in Years 11 and 12, all students study a VET qualification that is a Certificate II level. We provide this opportunity to diversify the student’s chosen subjects and provide an opportunity to gain a qualification while still at school. Students may be able to use these qualifications to apply for further study or employment post Year 12.

Some of the current Certificate II’s that are undertaken by Living Waters’ students include Business, Sport and Recreation, Creative Industries and Information Technology.

As we know, not all students are traditional classroom learners and therefore require a more practical experience. This is where the College’s LINKZ program comes into play.

For students who prefer a more hands-on approach to learning, the LINKZ Program supports students to study at TAFE and/or get out in to the workforce and experience firsthand what it is like to be in a different learning and working environment. Students have the chance to flourish while still working towards their Western Australian Certificate of Education

The benefits of participating in the LINKZ program

The LINKZ program is facilitated in workshops and classrooms which offer industry standard facilities and equipment. Students are given hands-on training in simulated workplaces or on-site in the workplace.

Students may be required to undertake field trips and participate in the workplace to practice their learning. In addition, classes are not always held during school hours and may even be undertaken across several sites. This gives the student practical skills and theoretical knowledge to guarantee well balanced training.

Some key benefits of the LINKZ program include:

  • Developing employability and life skills
  • Broadening the view of career options
  • Gaining a realistic understanding of an industry and its expectations
  • Improving the chances of selection for other training courses
  • Making school more relevant to post school aspirations
  • Enhancing personal attributes and skills that employers identify as important.

Various industry areas that LINKZ programs may cover

  • Building and Construction
  • Engineering
  • Plumbing
  • Automotive Technology
  • Health Services
  • Hairdressing & Beauty
  • Animal studies
  • Tourism and Hospitality
  • Teacher Education Assistant
  • Kitchen Operations
  • Aviation – Cabin Crew

If this is something that interests you and you want to find out more information, please visit Mrs Cason in the Curriculum & Pathways Office or contact us at vet@livingwaters.wa.edu.au.

Please also look out for Parent Information Nights and communication from the Curriculum and Pathways Department in Term 3 for 2021 subject selection.


If you are interested in finding out more about how our College builds bright futures, please download our Prospectus.

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