Academic Scholarships – Students in Year 7 or 10 the following year.

Students who will be in Year 7 or Year 10 in the following year may apply for scholarships offered for a three-year period.

Scholarships are awarded on the basis of academic excellence as determined by individual student results in the scholarship examination.

The examination is provided as part of the Australian Council for Educational Research’s (ACER) Cooperative Scholarship Testing Program (CSTP). 

Scholarships will be awarded when results are made available to schools. The number of scholarships offered will be dependent upon the number of applicants and their ability to meet the selection criteria. Scholarships offered can cover full or partial remission of tuition fees.

Successful applicants’ eligibility is reviewed annually to ensure scholarship winners continue to meet required standards.

We commend the scholarship selection program to you and should you choose to apply, we wish your son or daughter all the best with their application. Further information about any aspect of the scholarship selection program or the College can be obtained by contacting Mrs Danae Callister on (08) 9593 9560 or by email at

No late applications can be accepted.