The Secondary School curriculum is characterised by multiple pathways that prepare students for a range of post-school destinations – from University to Colleges of TAFE, apprenticeships and traineeships and direct entry into the workforce.

Student’s theoretical learning is complemented by opportunities to participate in workplace learning and service to others. Secondary School students are guided and supported in their program of studies by a wide range of people including their Pastoral Care teacher, subject teachers, Secondary School Coordinators and the Careers Counselling team.

Our Academic and Vocational Education and Training (VET) Results

We pride ourselves on ensuring that our students are exposed to many experiences and opportunities so they are competitive and advantaged. Senior Secondary students have the choice of following a university pathway, vocational pathway or a combination of the two.

Vocational Education and Training

The Vocation Education and Training (VET) program is designed for students who are preparing for entry into TAFE, the Workforce, or a Traineeship / Apprenticeship. Units of competency are completed towards a training qualification. The program enables students to work towards secondary graduation and simultaneously acquire Nationally Accredited Qualifications.