The Middle School curriculum has been developed with the belief that our students are now part of the information age and that the best preparation our students can make is to acquire the values, knowledge and fundamental life skills which will be applicable to a changing world.

Within this context our curriculum concentrates upon the learning outcomes achieved by the students in each learning area.  This means that rather than focussing upon the information input and the time allocated to a particular topic of study, emphasis is placed upon what the student learns through that study, for example:

  • The skills required to access information
  • The ability to discern that which is relevant
  • Being able to utilise appropriate technology to achieve a desired result
  • Being able to arrange information in a logical sequence and present it to an audience
  • The ability to think analytically
  • The ability to problem solve
  • Being able to positively and effectively manage personal and social life.

Our Middle School curriculum acknowledges that students have a range of different learning styles.  To address students’ differing needs, a variety of instructional strategies are interwoven through the Curriculum thus enhancing the learning experience for all students.  Examples of these strategies include group discussions, role playing, incursions/excursions, computer based learning, research projects, student presentations, games, group activities, videos, brainstorming etc.

For full details of curriculum specific to each year level in Middle School please see Middle School Subjects and Curriculum.

For more information about our Middle School please see our Term 1 Parent Information session presentation.