2023 Netball WA Endorsed Specialist School Program

Living Waters Lutheran College is excited to announce Netball Program Applications are now open for students in Years 7-12 in 2023. Please download and fill in the Application Form and email it to netball@livingwaters.wa.edu.au

Living Waters Lutheran College is proud to be a Netball WA Endorsed Netball Specialist School. We work with Netball WA to produce a comprehensive program in accordance with the Netball Australia Long Term Athlete Development Plan.

"Being part of the specialist netball program has made us feel so welcome, my daughter has really thrived from the support that not only her teachers/coaches have given her but also the other students in the program."
"I have accomplished being more confident in myself because of the Specialist Netball Program."
LWLC Student
"As a result of the Specialist Netball Program, I was selected to represent RDNA at the Netball WA Association Championships this year. I am really looking forward to playing other athletes from all over Western Australia."
LWLC Student
"I enjoy learning new skills every time I go to a lesson or training session. The Specialist Netball Program also helped me to understand what it means to play as a team."
LWLC Student
"By participating in the netball program, I have learned a lot about the theory side of netball such as the effects of physical activity on our body. I have also completed my Foundation Umpiring Course.”
LWLC Student
"My daughter is a happier, focused, more confident young lady due to this program and we are so proud to be part of its success"
Netball Parent - CEO

Program details

Students who are selected into the program will receive two netball coaching lessons per week with a focus on fitness, strength and conditioning, skill acquisition and court intelligence with the main goal being to improve athletes technique and performance on the netball court. Players will be exposed to Inter-School competitions, Club Carnivals and the Winter and Spring Seasons to enable them to practice and consolidate the teaching and learning in the weekly coaching sessions. The program will also involve collaborative learning across year levels. 

Netball WA Endorsement

Living Waters Lutheran College is proud to announce that we are one of seven Tier 2 Netball endorsed schools in WA.

The objective of Netball WA’s Specialist Netball School Endorsement Program is to outline minimum standards relevant to the current athlete, coach, umpire and official pathways.

As a Netball WA Endorsed Specialist Netball School, we must be able to demonstrate and provide a successful program that covers all aspects of netball along with a holistic approach to student development.

LWLC works with Netball WA to produce a comprehensive program in accordance with the Netball Australia Long Term Athlete Development Plan with requirements such as a minimum of four contact hours per week arranged before, during and after school hours.


Download the Netball Program Application form here

Applications can be emailed to netball@livingwaters.wa.edu.au or dropped off by hand to the College Admin Office, or posted to Living Waters Lutheran College, PO Box 997, Rockingham WA, 6918.