Primary School Update

We are excited about changes in 2019 designed to benefit the educational needs of our students.

We remain focused on constantly improving the College including offerings to our students, our staff, our grounds and facilities. Our focus next year will be on providing a dynamic learning environment where the curriculum is delivered in an innovative and engaging manner.

Our leadership will be streamlined into the Principal, Deputy Principal, Head of Primary (Kindergarten to Year 6) and Head of Secondary (Year 7 to Year 12).

I am pleased to announce that Mrs Johan Davies has been appointed as the Head of Primary (Kindergarten through to Year 6). Mrs Davies is a long-term staff member of the College who has been teaching at the upper primary level for the past seven years. Mrs Davies is passionate about teaching and absolutely committed to best outcomes for our students. She has had a keen focus on the latest developments in curriculum and assessment and is currently completing her Master’s degree in Educational Leadership. Mrs Davies expertise has recently been recognised by Edith Cowan University, which has named her as the keynote speaker at an upcoming educational event.

Recognising how important wellbeing is to learning, Mrs Davies has been actively involved in developing the Wellbeing Program at the College, and also developed the Living Waters Wellbeing website. She has been a leader in the development of the College iPad program and is excited about the possibilities of the new learning management system, SEQTA and will help to facilitate its full integration in the upcoming year.

Mrs Davies is already in planning with her teaching team (see below) to make 2019 a seamless transition to the new structure and provide wonderful learning opportunities for your child.

Primary Teaching Team in 2019
Kindergarten Mrs Bree Waller
Pre-Primary Mrs Lynne Hart/Mrs Sheree Ingham
Year 1 Mrs Natasha Kerr/Ms Angela Hutchison
Year 2 Mrs Kristy Blond/Mrs Jo Snashall
Year 3 Mr Bernard Brinkman/Mrs Judy Rippon
Year 4 Mrs Sue-Anne Jolly/Mrs Anita Sammons
Year 5 Mrs Xanthe Moodie/Mr Leon Kroehn
Year 6 Mrs Tania Crowdy/Mr Rod Carson
Art Mrs Jo Snashall
Physical Education Mr Milan Pavkovic
Japanese/Music Mrs Chika Brinkman
LEC Mrs Kathryn Lane

The Primary School daily routine will be as follows:

  • 8.45am-8.55am Pastoral Care
  • 8.55am-10.35am Learning Block 1
    10.35am-10.55am Recess
  • 10.55am-12.35pm Learning Block 2
    12.35pm-1.20pm Lunch
  • 1.20pm-3.00pm Learning Block 3
  • 3.00pm-3.10pm Pastoral Care

Literacy and Numeracy

The Primary School will be maximising prime learning time (learning blocks 1 and 2) for our students by engaging in Literacy and Numeracy in these sessions. These blocks of learning time will be dedicated to focusing on the English and Mathematics curriculum. All other learning areas and specialist subjects like PE, Music, Art and Japanese will generally run in block 3 on their assigned days.

Timetable for 2019

Primary School will have differing recess and lunch periods from Secondary School. There will be a change in chapel time for 2019. It will be held on Tuesday afternoons at 2.30pm. Assembly will be every third Friday at 2.30pm.


As of next year, with the Year 6 students remaining an integral part of the Primary School, they will continue to wear the same uniform as the rest of the Primary school in Summer and Winter. The students will move into the secondary uniform when they are in Year 7.

There is a whole College change to the sports shoes/trainers that students are able to wear. ALL students will be able to wear with their PE uniform either a :

  • White trainer
  • Black trainer
  • Black and white trainer

*** No coloured trainers or coloured accents on the shoes are permitted ***

I hope that you will bring any questions you may have to me so that they can be fully answered. I understand that you may be feeling a little uneasy about the changes, but be assured staff are aware and will do all they can to minimise the impact on our students.

Yours in Christ


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