Beyond the Classroom


We offer a number of opportunities for students to experience new places, cultures and events. Listed below are a few of these, which can vary from year to year. We often alternate some of our trips, e.g. Canberra and Japan.

  • Canberra Trip Offered to students in Senior School who wish to visit the nation’s capital.
  • Japan Trip Offered to students in Senior School who have chosen Japanese as an elective.
  • Malaysia Trip in Senior School In 2012 our College began a partnership with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Malaysia. We are excited about this opportunity to connect and support Rumah Luther Ria (a home for children with disabilities). In January 2012 six Year 11 and 12 students and 3 staff made the first official visit as part of this partnership.
  • Pedal Prix Trip to South Australia
    Middle and Senior School students have the opportunity to become involved in one of our Pedal Prix teams either in the junior division (Year 7), or in the senior division (Years 8-12). This involves the design and building of human powered vehicles and then racing of the vehicles in a 24-hour endurance race held in South Australia.
2017 Busselton Pedal Prix


One of the great joys and challenges of Year 9 at Living Waters is the ROSTIA programme. ROSTIA stands for ‘Recognition of Students’ Transition into Adulthood’.

Pastoral carers and educators recognise that Year 9 is a time of uncertainty and change both for parents and children. The students in our care are not yet adults but are no longer children. They are on a journey to maturity. To maximise their learning – academically, socially and spiritually – Living Waters has developed and continues to develop the ROSTIA programme.

The following events are part of the programme:

  • Term 2 The Ultimate Urban Challenge
  • Term 4 ROSTIA Family Dinner


Students have opportunities to be involved in a wide range of outdoor pursuits. Middle School students attend 3 day camps at a variety of venues, and may participate in activities such as canoeing, bush walking, orienteering and abseiling. It is an expectation that students attend all programmed camps.


Living Waters provides an increasing number of extra curricula activities for students to be involved in.

The College has choirs in Junior, Middle and Senior Schools where sudents are able to sing at a variety of events within the College and also in the wider community.

Students attend a camp with their whole year level approximately every second year. Starting with classroom camping activities or one night sleepovers in the younger years, these increase to two or three day camps for the older students.

Each year brings with it a variety of co-curricula and extra-curricula activities available to students. These may include:


  • Rockingham Kwinana Associated Schools (RKAS) Interschool Competition
  • ACC and CPSSA Interschool Sport Carnivals
  • Basketball and Netball Teams


  • Mock Trials
  • ‘Have Sum Fun’ Maths Competitions


  • Bands and Choirs
  • Japan Trip
  • Sydney, Canberra and Ski Trips
  • Concerts, Dramas, Musicals and Talent Shows

From year to year this list will vary depending on the skills and interests of our staff and students.

The College encourages parents to participate in and help to develop our extra curricula program and share their skills with our students.