Who We Are

Each Lutheran school belongs to a well organised system with a long and distinctive tradition and:

  • is based on some solid understandings about people and life,
  • provides a caring environment,
  • embraces high standards of teaching and learning,
  • promotes Christian growth and development
  • works as a team with parents.

For more information on Lutheran schools and who we are please see the brochure “What is so Special About a Lutheran School?


LEA Charter

Our Vision

As central to their mission and ministry, Lutheran schools seek to nurture individuals, aware of their humanity and open to the influence of the Holy Spirit, who are growing in and living according to a cohesive worldview ...
... living in community and reflecting characteristics of God through core values, especially love, justice, compassion, forgiveness, service, humility, courage, hope, quality and appreciation …[Lifelong qualities for learners, 2002, edited 2005]


In order to achieve these outcomes:

  • we will be more explicit in our understanding of the confessional beliefs underpinning the culture of Lutheran schooling [Authenticity]
  • schools will continue to be important in the mission of the LCA [Mission]
  • we will act corporately to maximise resources enabling excellent educational outcomes and practices [Corporate identity]
  • we will develop staff and administrators [Staff]
  • we will ensure effective quality assurance practice [Policies]
  • we will have greater clarity of roles and relationships between schools, regional and national bodies, which emphasises local autonomy and external support [Community]
  • we will focus on people in the promotion of best practice in leadership and governance [Management]
  • we will have a global awareness and a commitment to social justice [Service]


Lutheran Education Australia consists of schools and early childhood centres, regional offices and the national office, all directed to make available to Australian communities ‘a formal education in which the gospel of Jesus Christ informs all learning and teaching, all human relationships, and all activities in the school.’ [LCA & Its Schools DSTOII, edited 2004].

1. Schools

Our schools are charged to deliver an education that is faithful to our Lutheran ethos and reflects the unique context of its local community.

2. Regions

Our regions are charged to support and provide leadership for our schools, ensuring that they are faithful to their mission, while representing them regionally to Church, governments and related agencies.

3. National

Our national board and office is charged to develop policy and to take initiatives that enhances our schools as schools of the LCA, while representing Lutheran schools and regions nationally to Church, government and related agencies.


To find out more about Lutheran Schools see the brochure An Introduction to Lutheran Education Australia or visit their website at lutheran.edu.au.