Senior School 10-12

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Students begin to develop a strong sense of their own identity during the senior years of their schooling and their future directions become increasingly important to them. They start to view themselves as adult members of society and become increasingly self-reliant. Consequently, they begin playing a major role in the decisions that affect their lives and shape their learning. Additionally, their personal goals and future directions assume a much greater importance to them.

Living Waters Lutheran College acknowledges and understands these factors and has structures and pathways to equip senior school students for the foundation areas in their lives; that is, for paid and unpaid work; present and future study; for family and community life; and for leisure and recreation. Accordingly, curricular and co-curricular opportunities are provided for the spiritual, academic and personal development of each student.

Ms Donna Daniel, Head of Senior School

Aims of Senior Schooling

The Senior School promotes and supports the spiritual, academic and personal development of each student as they make the transition toward adulthood and their future careers.

More specifically, the Senior School focusses on:

  • Assisting and encouraging each student in their faith journey;
  • Engendering positive attitudes toward learning and a willingness to continue learning beyond the senior school years;
  • Developing students’ knowledge and understanding in their subject areas;
  • Enhancing students’ skills for locating and retrieving information; processing ideas and information; and communicating their understanding;
  • Developing students’ self-confidence, self-reliance and sense of personal responsibility;
  • Challenging students to be sensitive to each other, live in community and serve the needs of others.


senior-img-1.jpgThe Senior School curriculum is characterised by multiple pathways that prepare students for a range of post-school destinations - from University to Colleges of TAFE, apprenticeships and traineeships and direct entry into the workforce.

Student’s theoretical learning is complemented by opportunities to participate in workplace learning and service to others. Senior School students are guided and supported in their program of studies by a wide range of people including their Pastoral Care teacher, subject teachers, Senior School Coordinators and the Careers Counselling team.

Our Academic and Vocational Education and Training (VET) Results

We pride ourselves on ensuring that our students are exposed to many experiences and opportunities so they are competitive and advantaged. Senior Secondary students have the choice of following a university pathway, vocational pathway or a combination of the two.

Click here for full details from our 2018 Family Information Nights held in term 1: Year 10 Families, Year 11 Families, Year 12 Families

These documents include information on university entry requirements, alternative entries to university, training and further education options and apprenticeships and traineeships.

Vocational Education and Training

senior-img-2.jpgThe Vocation Education and Training (VET) program is designed for students who are preparing for entry into TAFE, the Workforce, or a Traineeship / Apprenticeship. Units of competency are completed towards a training qualification. The program enables students to work towards secondary graduation and simultaneously acquire Nationally Accredited Qualifications.

Please see the 2018 Senior School Report for details of our Academic and VET Results for last year.


Career Development and Guidance

The Career Department’s main focus is to ensure the young adults of our College are exposed to the many options available to them as they contemplate their future and ‘Life after Living Waters’. The main initiatives facilitated by the department include:

  • Careers
  • Vocational Education and Training (VET)
  • Work Experience

The Careers Department ensures our students are provided with informative and up to date careers advice
internally and externally. External associates include:

  • KIC
  • UWA
  • ECU
  • Curtin University
  • Notre Dame University
  • Murdoch University
  • Apprenticeship Support Australia
  • The Defence Force
  • TISC
  • State and Private Training Providers


Please see below for information for Year 10 students entering Senior School in 2017: 
Senior School Information Handbook 

Please see the links below for further information about WACE and VET Programs on offer through LWLC:
- Year 10 Course Selection for Year 11 in 2017
- Year 10 VET Pathways for Year 11 in 2017

For those students interested in a career in the Australian Defence Force please follow this link for up to date information:
ADF Career Information

For more information about our Senior School Curriculum please see Senior School at LWLC.