Robotics at LWLC

Year 5 and 6

Our Year 5s and 6s have been busy exploring Robotics In Learning Enrichment with Mrs Lane.
They are studying Robotics, Engineering and the Future as they learn Programming and Coding.
Following is a link to photos and video showing their efforts and their Challenges!

See Photos and Video here.


Year 8 and 9

From May 15 to 19 LWLC took a group of 11 students to the FIRST Robotics Competition in Sydney. Thestudents built a robot that had to perform 4 tasks. Autonomous driving for 15 seconds, load and drop off gears, shootplastic balls (fuel into the furnace) and then lift itself up. We focused on the autonomous drive (success every time),Fuel delivery (limited success), Gear delivery (great success rate in the later rounds).This was an awesome experience for staff, students and parents. I cannot put a value on what all of us gained from thiswonderful experience. For the students, watching them interact with the other teams, answering questions about theirrobot, going around questioning other teams about their strategies, growing in confidence after each round. Rallyingtogether to repair our robot, working with other teams who volunteered their help when we needed it so desperately,taught our students invaluable life lessons.Networking and developing contacts and friendships with likeminded professionals who share the same passion is going to be a huge benefit to us in thelong term, as we hope to make this an annual event on our school calendar. The teachers have seen our students work as a team under immense pressure,show steely fortitude and gritty resilience in overcoming adversity after every round. They all learntinvaluable lessons, gained confidence and become better problem solvers.The parents who accompanied us are already planning how they can become more involved.They have started planning a “mums cheer squad”, looking at various options to raise funds, andgenerally assist wherever they can and become more involved. Everyone loved the thrill of thecompetition, the team spirit and the friendships made. Mr Murugan, Head of Learning Enrichment (7-12)